Tuesday 28 October 2014

A Boat Retold - Stornoway screening 30.10.14.

A Boat Retold screens in Stornoway on 30 October at 1930 as part of Faclan, the Hebridean Book Festival. The film opens an evening with Ian Stephen, whose first novel, A Book of Death and Fish, has just been published. He will be in conversation with one of the film's other stars, the writer Robert Macfarlane. For more details, and to book a ticket, go here:


Thursday 23 October 2014

New Lanterna Magicka Films Vimeo Channel

We've now set up a Vimeo Channel: www.vimeo.com/lanternamagickafilms. Films and trailers will be there, and the films will also be available On Demand from Vimeo soon. In the meantime, have a look at some of the other great films on Vimeo...

In other news, we are still looking for backers to complete Charlie Chaplin Lived Here, a short about Chaplin's London shot in 1966 by Bill Douglas. You can see the IndieGoGo campaign below.

Saturday 10 May 2014

Tarkovsky: Paris-based assistant/interpreter needed

We need a Paris-based assistant to work with us in the first week of June on a documentary we are making about Tarkovsky. Initial duties - this month - are making phone calls and sending emails to a couple of potential interviewees, then in June helping us get to the locations, and also sitting in on the interviews, acting as interpreter if necessary. Please email me if you are interested, or know someone who might be able to help. Thanks.

Friday 28 March 2014


A Boat Retold screens in Edinburgh tonight at 1905 at the Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival Preview, which is taking place at the Hidden Door Festival, in the hidden wonders that are the Market Street Vaults. (On the immediate south side of Waverley Station, the Old Town side.) The main Hidden Door preview kicks off at 1700, but the Alchemy tasters and teasers will run from NOON till MIDNIGHT.

We will be there for the Boat screening.

The full line-up - loosely a "best of" previous editions of Alchemy - is:

12 pm: JUSQUE-LÀ
Enrique Ramirez / France / 2012
In a small town in northern France (Béthune), the oldest non religious
brotherhood of the world still exists, formed more than 825 years
ago. In other place of the world, 5000 feet high, there is an imaginary
man who takes a walk, who represents the unknown and uncertain
journey between the life and the death.

12.35 pm: SIN∞FIN THE MOVIE #3
VestAndPage / Italy / 2012
Sin∞Fin #3 is the third part in a trilogy of films by performance
artists Verena Stenke and Andrea Pagnes. Set in Antarctica, the two
characters move through the deserted, icy vastness of an oneiric
land. They find themselves creatures being torn between life and
death, absence and misleading mirages, fortune and emptiness.

1.25 pm: SHORT FILMS
Dean Kavanagh (Ireland), Gonzalo Egurza (Argentina), Alasdair Bayne (UK), Shaun Hughes (UK), Enrique Verdugo (UK/Chile
In the telling of stories, these landscapes permeate their narratives, becoming metaphorical, contextual, signifying or emotive.

Jeanette Groenendaal / Netherlands / 2012
Jeanette Groenendaal returns to a village in the Dutch Bible Belt to film a personal study of the scapegoat mechanism. A project staging tableaux performances melting frozen memories in an emotionally charged landscape. In a series of ‘visions’ she reconstructs excerpts from her childhood.

4.10 pm: SHORT FILMS
Kika Nicolela (Brazil), Plan B / Katrina McPherson (UK), Jonathan Inksetter (Canada), Claudia Borgna (UK), Jac Min (Singapore), Vicent Gisbert (Germany), Irene Loughlin & Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa (Canada), Rachel Sweeney (UK)

Julie Brook / Scotland / 1997
The landscape work developed by Scottish artist Julie Brook when she lived for over a period of 3 years on the uninhabited west coast of Jura. including temporal sculptures involving stone and ice fire-stacks, the wind and the sea.

5.55 pm: SHORT FILMS
Enrique Ramirez / France / 2012
In a small town in northern France (Béthune), the oldest non religious brotherhood of the world still exists, formed more than 825 years ago. In other place of the world, 5000 feet high, there is an imaginary man who takes a walk, who represents the unknown and uncertain journey between the life and the death.

7.05 pm: A BOAT RETOLD
Louise Milne & Sean Martin / Scotland / 2013
Artist and poet Ian Stephen, writer Robert Macfarlane and others tell stories in and around the restored Orkney boat, Broad Bay, as it sets off for the Shiant Islands. The boat and its history becomes the narrative focus for movements in time over three generations, a complex narrative of island traditions, arts and crafts.

7.40 pm: SHORT FILMS
Emilie Crewe (Canada), Mihai Grecu (France), SJ. Ramir (New
Zealand), Maike Zimmermann (UK), Davor Sanvincenti (Croatia), Robert Todd (USA)
From politicised desert landscapes to an abstracted metaphysical presence, the snow-covered world of Derek Jarman’s Dungeness, to a blind predator dreaming through its prey’s eyes.

Jacques Perconte / France / 2013
Along the shores of Normandy, on the track of the Impressionist painters, something is happening: the colors are crashing against the screen… Jacques Perconte’s work is derived from the artistic manipulation of digital video, a pioneer in the use of compression codecs as an artistic tool

Robert Cahen / France
Robert Cahen’s uniquely poetic experimental filmmaking spans a period of 40 years. Exploring the fleeting qualities of perception, filmed reality becomes a mutable substance, transformed through a vision rich in subjective meaning.

Patrick Bokanowski / France
Patrick Bokanowski is one of the most acclaimed and influential experimental filmmakers of our era. His work is concerned with the subjective psychology of the image, rejecting the tools of conventional representation in pursuit of a painterly, dream-like and visually poetic world.

10.55 pm: SHORT FILMS
Robert Todd (USA), Sheri Wills (USA), Leneweit & Rodriguez (Germany), Sean Martin (UK), Lori Felker (USA), Sam Spreckley (UK), Fabienne Gautier (France), Tarrl Lightowler (USA), Alexander Isaenko (Ukraine)
In travelling through nature, what possibilities might open to our sight? Is nature just a box of aged, foil wrapped chocolates? Maybe it is constructed through a spatial temporal grid, or is it a metaphoric landscape mirroring the transience of life?

11.45 pm: SHORT FILMS
Tanya Shillina-Conte (USA), Mihai Grecu (France), Lin Li (UK), Anne Patsch (UK), Samantha Rebello (UK), Wolfgang Lehrner (Austria), Pat Law (UK), Debra Fear (UK), Patricia Townsend (UK)
The elements are as much psychological as physical, embodied both in the natural landscapes of the world we inhabit and as substantial force within image-making. This programme explores elemental embodiment as a set of both extensive and intensive qualities, in image substance itself and landscape as subject.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival 3-6 April 2014

Get on the bus! Alchemy will be running a shuttle between Edinburgh & Hawick. The destination sign will no doubt 
read 'Further'...

We will be attending the Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival next week, which is held in the small Scottish Borders mill town of Hawick (pron. "hoyck"). Louise will be chairing a Filmmakers' Symposium, which kicks things off on Thursday 3rd, at 1400.

The festival runs from Thursday 3 to Sunday 6 April, and will feature the very best of experimental filmmaking, artist's films, underground films and generally the kind of thing you will not be able to see anywhere else.

Held in Tower Mill (AKA Heart of Hawick), the wonderful state of the art converted former mill, Alchemy will show new films by the Brothers Quay, Patrick Bokanowski, Robert Todd,

Nathaniel Dorsky, Alberto Gracia, Chai Chunya, Rachel Maclean, Siobhan Davies and many others.

Live events will include Rocio von Jungenfeld’s Film Walk, multi-projector performances from Nominoë and Jacques Perconte and a film-rant by Duncan Reekie.

More info can be found at Alchemy's website.

You can also get a taster of this year's Alchemy at the Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh this Friday, 28 March. More info here.

Alchemy is also on Twitter.

Friday 21 February 2014

A Boat Retold - Los Angeles Screening Details 8 March 2014

Details for how to get to the screening venue may be found here: http://visit.usc.edu/maps-directions/university-park-campus/

Further details about the RAI Festival of Ethnographic Film's LA screenings, 7-9 March, can be seen here: http://dornsife.usc.edu/anth/events/ 

Wednesday 12 February 2014

A Boat Retold Screens in Los Angeles

A Boat Retold is screening in Los Angeles on 8th March 2014. The film is part of the RAI Festival of Ethnographic Film's touring programme, highlighting the best films from last year's festival, where Boat was screening in competition (it was shortlisted for the Material Culture and Archeology Prize). As much as we would like to be there, a quick trip to LA doesn't sit very well with our schedules, so will only be there in spirit. But if you're in downtown Los Angeles on the weekend of 7-9 March, and fancy some non-Hollywood fare, stop by the USC Campus and see some films!

More details here (scroll down for Boat's screening details)  

Monday 13 January 2014


Folie à deux is now available to buy or rent from Indie Reign. Please click HERE to go to Indie Reign.