Wednesday 10 June 2009


Today is the 27th anniversary of Rainer Werner Fassbinder vacating his director's chair. It was front page news, I remember (I saw it on the front page of the Daily Telegraph). I shall be devoting space to RWF in my forthcoming book, New Waves in Cinema, due out next year. In the meantime, raise a glass in the great man's honour. (Or, perhaps more in keeping with his own predilictions, do something else:-))

Tuesday 9 June 2009

Lanterna Magicka DVD details

Lanterna Magicka will be released on DVD/BluRay on 27 July. Details of the other features of the DVD can found in the latest post on the Lanterna Magicka blog.

Wednesday 3 June 2009

Tarkovsky: Cinema of Dreams

A page has been set up for our documentary Tarkovsky: Cinema of Dreams. You can visit it by clicking here. The photo shows Tarkovsky and Domiziana Giordano on the set of Nostalghia. We'll be uploading a trailer soon, so check back or wait for directorial ruminations and announcements here.

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Caves and Wells

The weekend has been spent dashing around the Mendip Hills in Somerset shooting the landscape for an in-progress documentary on Druids and the landscape. After one interview fell through, we had to hastily arrange another, and filmed the ever-obliging Gordon Strong at a sacred well near - of all places - Bristol Airport. It's a great place - and you'd never know it was there. A secret well-kept, methinks (and no pun intended!).

Today's agenda: another documentary, on the great Russian auteur, Tarkovsky.